If you are a Food Service expert, we can offer you a selection of cuts from Heifers and Beef, either Cow or Young Bull, all selected by fat, color, shape and specification. In our 10kg Boxes (ideal for the foodservice business) you can have selected Cuts as Rump Caps (Picanha), Rump heart, Fillet, Striploins, Entrecote, Tomahawk, and many others. We want to help you and your customer to foresee the Quality of Polish Heifers, and create a tailored packing to help you to develop a long term relation with your clients under this unique offer, which allows you to sell Safe, Selected and Superior Beef. We can work along with you helping your sales force to develop skills and present a global offer to your client. We can be your unique partner in developing this train and sell approach.


If you are a retail organization we are very interested in discussing a plan to introduce Mastro Beef on the shelves. A catching eye brand, along with shared strategies will allow us to develop loyalty from the clients. We believe that more and more people will appreciate high quality Beef and a partnership of passionated ideas and approach can be a story of success.

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