Mastro Beef – Our Logo “Mastro Beef” is our seal of control and selection of our best meat. We can select for you Heifer, Young Bull and Cow meat based on fat, weight and marbling. Our three “S-words” tell you the story of our Beef.

Safe – As part of the OSI group we are extremely careful when it comes to Hygiene and Safety practices. We are one of the largest world Beef producer and we are always on top of all practices and routines when it comes to Food Safety.

Selected – Thanks to a team of butchers trained in meat selection, we guarantee control and selection by colour, fatness and size. We have therefore created two boxes that differ according to the type of selection: the blue box reflects the European quality standard, while the black box is our premium choice.

Superior – as explained in the section below “Cultivate” – we have a unique and special relationship with thousands of farmers in Poland which allows us to create a unique partnership with them, guaranteeing the fairly treatment and the respect of all Animal Welfare Higher Standards.


OSI GROUP today is a global company with over 65 production plants located in 17 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia, with more than 20,000 employees. Producer and supplier of fresh, frozen and processed poultry, pork and beef. Visit our global site at : to know more about the OSI group, the unique provider of Food Solutions since 1909!


The Cultivate logo is the foundation of our relationship with farmers. With more than 14,000 approved breeders in Poland under our “Cultivate” program, we ensure the purchase of our beef from approved and controlled farms and guarantee, throughout the transport and production process, the best animal welfare practices.

To know more about OSI approach on sustainability and animal welfare follow the link below:

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